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We recognise the importance of Health and Safety processes and procedures on site. Our work processes ensure that all of our work is carried out safely and effectively.

  • Health and safety statement
    Health & Safety Statement

    Much of our delivery method is through subcontract services, we pull together teams of highly skilled individuals to deliver diverse and complex projects. Our process and procedures ensure that all retained subcontractors attend regular refresher training in Customer Care, Health & Safety, meet our Code of Conduct and are supplied with Select High Visibility Jackets and 10 badges.

    Selection of Sub-Contractors is in accordance with our IS09001 accreditation. Our minimum supplier selection includes:

    • Credit checks
    • 2 x Performance Reference Checks
    • Supply of Appropriate Insurance
    • Supply of Appropriate policies and accreditations
    • Completion of Subcontractor Suitability Form
    • Accident & Illness Records for the past 5 years
    • Employee Training Records
    • Training Policy

    Supervisor Spot Checks: To monitor sub-contractors in all aspects of work, spot checks are performed at regular intervals by their supervisors. These checks may highlight training issues with Operatives such as inexperience in their early careers or complacency once more experienced. Any issues noted can be addressed immediately or at future training opportunities via toolbox talks. (Any sub-contractor issues are immediately reported with recommendations to be completed before being allowed back onto site).

    Health and Safety Executive Enforcement Actions: We can confirm there have been no investigations or actions by the Health and Safety Executive against our company.


  • Health and safety statement
    Health & Safety Arrangements

    ADA provide sound advice on all matters of Health & Safety and carry out the following procedures:

    • Provision of advice and guidance on request
    • Carry out periodic Health & Safety audits
    • Confirm current legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice with which the Company must comply
    • Advise on Health & Safety Policy
    • Develop Health & Safety management controls appropriate to the organisation and business activity
    • Carry out Fire Risk Assessments (as required under The Fire Precautions [Workplace] Regulations) & Regulatory
    • Reform [Fire Safety] Order
    • Participate in accident and incident investigations on request
    • Provide Health & Safety training
    • Provide an update service on Health & Safety issues to ensure continuing compliance with current legislation
    • Carry out a periodic review of Health & Safety procedures and controls to ensure effectiveness

    Delegated Managers with site-specific Health & Safety responsibility work closely with the Corporate Health & Safety Advisor, whose primary function is to monitor safety performance, provide advice and to evaluate safety practices within the organisation.

    All personnel are subject to Induction Training on their first day of joining the Company on site, or as soon as is practicable. This training includes receiving and reviewing a copy of the organisations Health & Safety Policy and Procedures.

    The Manager carrying out induction will invite the Health & Safety Representative to the session. The Health & Safety Representative will advise and issue copies of various procedural handouts. These will include, but not be limited to, instructions on fire and accident, the names of the Fire Marshals, First Aiders and Health & Safety Officers. The various locations of all equipment relating to fire, accidents and emergencies will be shown.

  • Health and safety statement
    Health & Safety Policy Pack

    We ensure Policy & Procedure documents are distributed to relevant staff as soon as they are adopted. Leaflets and advice relating to Health & Safety are also available.

    It is the responsibility of all managers to be aware of and adhere to all Health & Safety Policy & Procedure documents relating to their areas of work and to ensure that their reports are issued with relevant Policy & Procedure documents and updates, paying particular attention to new staff on induction. Health & Safety Representatives ensure and Policy & Procedure documents are kept for easy reference within their areas of work/site.

  • Health and safety statement
    Health & Safety Procedures

    We take the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all our staff, contractors and members of the public who may be affected by our work activities very seriously.

    We believe that by identifying and controlling the risks associated with our work activities, we can so far as is reasonably practicable, remove these risks and provide a safe working environment.

    We recognise the duties placed on us by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 to identity and manage general risks and where specified by a particular piece of legislation, to identify and manage the risks associated with particular hazards.

    The Risk Assessment process for our Company is split into 4 areas:

    • Major/Generic Risk Assessments
    • General/Ad Hoc Risk Assessments
    • Site Specific Risk Assessment
    • During work Risk Assessment

    Our Risk Assessment process will always follow the HSE ‘5 Steps to Risk Assessment’ principles:

    • Identify the Hazards
    • Decide who might be harmed and how
    • Evaluate the risks and decide on precaution
    • Record the findings and implement them
    • Review the assessment and update if necessary

    The Major / Generic Risk Assessments are handled, controlled and managed by our Health & Safety Manager. Where the hazard may be of a complicated nature with potentially significant or major implications, and the measures required to control it are unclear or complicated, or potentially costly, it will be necessary to undertake a comprehensive risk assessment. The stages followed are essentially the same as General Risk Assessments, but there will need to be more time spent on the assessment, including comprehensive information gathering/recording.

    Major/Generic Risk Assessments are concerned with the hazards relating to tasks that the Company is involved with carrying out on a day-to-day/regular basis. There may be different types/levels of Risks to person(s) involved, but it is probable that a Major I Generic Risk Assessment will be applicable to a hazard if it is:

    • Carried out on a regular basis as part of our work activities
    • Has the potential to cause Death or Major Injury
    • Has the potential to cause serious long and short term harm or ill health
    • Has the potential to cause extensive or costly damage to persons or property

    The conclusions to Risk Assessments will outline how we control and manage those risks, including but not limited to:

    • Policy and Procedures
    • Training
  • s
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